Pilates or Bootcamp

Pilates utilizes a wide range of specific muscle activation techniques and controlled contractions Pilates offers participants a complete mind and body experience. Pilates is perfect for those recovering from injury to those elite athletes looking to improve performance. Come along and check it out.


A Military influenced group workout conducted either indoors or outdoors using a variety of calisthenics, strength training, cardio and agility exercises in the form of intervals or drills.

Super Core

A workout focusing on developing your balance and core (abdominals, back and pelvis muscles). This workout always consists of a balanced, yet decent amount of core exercises including non-core exercises in order to slow core fatigue.

Super Smash

Core busting, power generating, muscle defining fun utilising suspension training, kettlebells, gymnastics and cardio vascular performance. This class is suited to beginners, right through to advanced!